There was a beautiful princess who lived in a large kingdom, and she loved nature and animals and plants. She spent her time in
the royal garden, where she planted roses and cared for butterflies.
One day, her father the king announced a big party, inviting all the princes and princesses from the neighboring kingdoms.
The princess was excited for the party, and wanted to look her best.
But she was surprised to find that her skin had lost its freshness and shine, and some spots appeared on it.
That was because of the pollution that spread in the kingdom, as a result of harmful industries and chemical substances that are used in cosmetics.
The princess went to her father the king, and she cried.
The king ordered the presence of the greatest wise man in the kingdom,
who was Goda.
 Goda was a great wise man, who used butterflies to pollinate the plants from which he extracted natural medicines.
Goda knew the secret of natural beauty, and he offered vegan cosmetics 100%, that do not contain any animal or chemical substances.
Goda went to the princess, and gave her a magical plant formula, that she used on her skin twice a day.
He said to her: “This formula will refresh your skin’s freshness and shine, and will make you glow with beauty and charm.
But you have to maintain your skin’s health, and do not use any other cosmetics that are not vegan”.
The princess took the formula from Goda, and thanked him.
She used the formula as Goda advised her, and soon she saw its results.
Her skin regained its freshness and shine, and she became more beautiful than ever.
The princess attended the party, and enchanted all the attendees with her natural beauty.
Our Vision and Mission:
And today at Godaplaza, we offer you vegan cosmetics 100%, made from the finest oils and plant extracts, that nourish your
skin and protect it from impurities and pollution.
Our products do not contain any animals or chemicals substances. We care about your health and beauty, and also about the
health of the planet and the life on it.

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